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Verasity Expands To Major eSports Games, Launches CS:GO Tournaments And Betting

Verasity, a leading company providing rewarded video player technology, is expanding its GameStore tournament model to major eSports games, as it has added the functionality of private, public, and third party tournaments for major eSports games. 

On May 7, it has been reported that Verasity will first launch CS:GO tournaments and betting from and add other major league games in Q2 & Q3 (League of Legends and others). 

However, players will be able to invite others to play in private or public tournaments for VRA funded jackpots, which means that anyone will be able to bet on teams or on players on the leaderboard.

The company has obtained the ability to implement third party jackpots and betting on major tournaments.

It has been analyzed that players can use Verasity tokens through the VeraWallet to create jackpots or bet on their favorite pro CS:GO player or team in LIVE major eSports events such as the ESL Pro League, Dreamhack and Blast Premier.

❗️@VerasityTech is moving into major eSports, starting with @CSGO! Verasity $VRA will first launch CS:GO tournaments and betting from VerasityTV and add other major league games in Q2&Q3 (@LeagueofLegends and others). 👉 — CryptoDiffer (@CryptoDiffer) May 7, 2020

Likewise, Verasity has already entered discussions with major teams to include them in future tournaments, as this will have an impact on its visibility worldwide.

As per the report, the company will roll this out across Q2 & Q3. With credit card functionality from VeraWallet for on-ramp and off-ramp, non-crypto users will be able to seamlessly participate in USD valued Verasity tokens (VRA/VRAB) without the need to understand crypto.

Veracity is opening this up to the whole world, as this will hugely contribute to the organic demand for Verasity tokens worldwide.

We're taking our gaming to the next level! Verasity is moving into major eSports, starting with CS:GO ✅ Play Public and Private Tournaments ✅ Bet on eSports using VRA ✅ Plus a whole lot more! Read in full: #crypto #esports #csgo $VRA $VRAB — Verasity (@verasitytech) May 7, 2020

The report says that the functionality for this rollout will be made available from with a separate site map: Bet eSportz, which will include:

  1. Complete Active Tournament details

  2. The ability for users to create their own Tournaments with prize distribution and rules

  3. Tournament types including High Score, Elimination and Double Elimination

  4. Ability to join any public Tournament and participate from VeraWallet

  5. User generated My Tournament page with history and active Tournaments

  6. User profile with transaction history, My Tournaments, My bets

  7. Tournaments API

However, this will allow players to:

  1. Bet on your favourite pro CS:GO (and other games) teams and players

  2. Create public or private tournaments with VRA/VRAB Prize Pools

  3. Join tournaments and pay entry fees in VRA via your VeraWallet

  4. Track progress on the leaderboard and view current prize pool value

  5. Collect tournament prizes directly into your VeraWallet

  6. Connect third party major tournaments to our platform via simple API

  7. Utilize credit card payments for VRA entry fees via your VeraWallet

It has also been analyzed that if users prefer playing the game, they can be the next “dev1ce” and win $$$ in VRA by entering one of Veracity’s scheduled tournaments or they can go ahead and create their own public or private tournament and set pool prizes of VRA or they can bet on major tournaments and leaderboard players.

The report states that in 2018, there were 380 million viewers of eSports, and this figure is set to rocket to 557 million viewers by 2021.

According to Wholesale Investor, the global eSports betting market forecast to reach $17.2 billion (£13.9 billion) by the end of 2020.

Moreover, CS:GO is one of the “big 3” leading games in competitive global eSports, as it’s fast-paced, strategic and has 9 years of popularity, which reached a crazy peak of over 1.3 million concurrent players in April.

Thus, this makes it the perfect game for Veracity’s launch.

Source: Medium | Image: FRUKT


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