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BABB Launches Cash-Out Fiat Gateway In 36 New Countries, Is Now On App Store and Playstore

Crypto wallet banking and donation app BABB has announced that they have incorporated a cash-out fiat gateway with GBP/EUR conversion in 36 countries in Europe and has launched in App Store and Play Store

On April 20. an official announcement was made further stating that BABB can now be accessed in 169 countries allowing them to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

BABB launches in App Store, Play Store, expands to 169 countries, opens a referral programme and incorporates cash-out fiat gateway. Continue reading: Learn more: #BlockchainNews #blockchain #TechForGood — BABB – Make a Difference 🙌🏼 (@getbabb) April 21, 2020

Users can convert fiat currency GBP/EUR into BAX, which is BABB’s native token, and then be sent without having to go through interbank networks, in addition to not carrying FX conversion fees.

In a statement BABB adds:

For the currencies we support, we allow users to move their assets seamlessly across borders at a significantly lower cost often much faster than many existing well-known solutions available before today. The word remittance probably needs to be banished since it just refers to the transfer of funds from one currency to another, officially crossing borders. With BABB, users can send assets to any-and-all countries that we support frictionlessly, and in both directions.

BABB clarified that its BAX tokens can also be purchased via credit/debit cards and highlighted that they could later be purchased via bank transfers “in the near future. ” In addition to that BABB also opened an in-app referral programme (Android).

Rushd Averroës Founder & CEO, BABB stated:

“I’ve made it my life’s work to put an end to financial exclusion by connecting people globally.”

Official Source: BABB | Unsplash

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