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Blockchain Expert needed for WhatsApp in Africa

WhatsApp, the messaging application, which is owned by Facebook, is looking for hiring a blockchain management expert in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recently, the messaging application provided a job opening for a public policy manager who could “work closely with Facebook’s Africa Public Policy team to ensure blockchain technologies and digital payments can play their part in improving Africa’s socio-economic development.”

The job offer listings do not mention Libra, Facebook’s controversial cryptocurrency project, and the post is not clearly mentioned that how involved the employee or staff would be in that initiative. The post does not even mention that Calibra, the Facebook subsidiary, which is making a wallet for the currency.

Nevertheless, the goals stated by Libra contains bringing financial services to underserved people in the developing world, and most importantly, to allow money transfers through WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp is declining to comment on the initiative.

WhatsApp to hire Blockchain Expert in Sub-Saharan Africa

The job position would be located in London or Johannesburg with considerable time travel, and the company is looking for someone with expertise in blockchain, digital identity, and cryptocurrency.

The productive ground

As Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Africa as well as globally. Currently, mobile accounts are exceeding bank accounts in the Sub-Saharan region. And, according to the International Monetary Fund, it is the only region in the world where almost 10 percent of GDP in transactions arise through mobile money.

Facebook stated that it is expecting to release Libra early in 2020. The company has said that it would not launch until it satisfies all the concerns faced by regulators worldwide, regarding cryptocurrency’s potential impacts on everything from financial stability to privacy.   

Calibra is also forming a compliance team that includes a Head of Compliance, a Sanctions Head/Lead, and a Head of Fraud.

As being told, according to its career page, Facebook is looking for filling the 50 blockchain-related positions, including a Public Policy Manager for the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


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