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Dapper Labs Says CryptoKitties Will Be Launched On Its Flow Blockchain

Dapper Labs has announced that CryptoKitties, its Ethereum-based collectibles game, will be launched on its Flow blockchain.

It has been reported that Flow blockchain was built by Dapper Labs to address many of the challenges the team encountered in launching on and “breaking” Ethereum, with CryptoKitties causing unparalleled network congestion on the Ethereum network when it launched on mainnet.

However, Dapper Labs also devised a new proprietary smart contract-oriented programming language designed for smart contracts for Flow called Cadence, which is currently being explored by Libra as part of a tech sharing deal between the two entities.

"Users spend 10-100x more on NFTs than game assets because NFTs guarantee authenticity, scarcity, durability, and true ownership: NFTs belong to the customer, devs can build functionality without even asking permission Composability is why we built Flow" — Roham 🧀 (@rohamg) May 21, 2020

Roham Gharegozlou, the CEO of Dapper Labs, said that Flow comprises “a high throughput platform where developers can build applications for [non-fungible tokens] NTFs that millions of people can use.”

Likewise, Gharegozlou stated:

“With CryptoKitties on Ethereum, as soon as a few thousand people start breeding, it totally falls over and congests the network.”

He further added:

“That’s why we built Flow. […] We want to make sure that not just CryptoKitties, but any other NFT has a chance to be able to access a high throughput environment, have people build applications for them, and have high throughput marketplaces that can scale to billions of users.”

Instead of the hurdles, Gharegozlou revealed that CryptoKitties attracted over one million users within a month of launching CryptoKitties in November 2017.

The team behind CryptoKitties is launching the game on the Flow blockchain to facilitate new user experiences and greater scaling — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) May 21, 2020

In 2019, CryptoKitties generated more than 2 million transactions, the most of any consumer decentralized application on Ethereum.

<img width="1080" height="612" src=";ssl=1" alt="" class="wp-image-16789 lazyload" />

Lola’ on Ethereum (‘Before’), ‘Lola’ on Flow (‘After’)

CryptoKitties also comprised the fourth-largest DApp on Ethereum overall by trailing only behind Tether (USDT) and the network’s two largest decentralized exchanges.

It has been analyzed that Gharegozlou likens CryptoKitties on Flow to a mechanic employed throughout the Pokémon series, where users are able to bring their Pokémon or CryptoKitties ”into the new environment and play with it, and access a whole new ball game.”

Also, Flow will allow new features to be integrated into the game by including animations and third-dimensional capabilities.

Thus, Gharegozlou highlighted that the firm’s “first priority is to take care of existing CryptoKitties owners” by adding that he hopes CryptoKitties on Ethereum will continue alongside Flow in spite of his excitement for enhanced throughput and new functionalities that Flow will offer the game.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Medium



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