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Fomo3D Team Launches New DApp ‘’

Fomo3D is back with an eagerly anticipated new DApp,, which has been dubbed “a showcase of how blockchain technology can be used to create an autonomous company that constantly generates revenue and distributes it to anyone crazy enough to play with it.” — Ms Incognito (@Joojjoojojo) December 21, 2019

It has been reported that is not just another blockchain game, as loot boxes, crowd psychology, and puzzling paradoxes are all thrown into the mix with, which launches on December 22.

However, Team Just has opted to build on Tron due to its better scalability and higher throughput. This is not another greed-is-good lottery game. uses what its creators call “autodecentric technology” and aligns economic incentives, crowd power, and lateral thinking.

Though runaway successes such as Fomo3D and make interesting case studies for anthropologists and have more than a few things to teach about human avarice, there’s no denying the clever mechanisms built in which have broader applications for tokenized systems.

It has been analyzed that Fomo3D was another crazily addictive entry to space, one whose appeal also succeeding in slowing the Ethereum network to a crawl. However, the goal of the game was to purchase the last key before the timer reached zero, whereupon players could win a veritable treasure chest of ether.

Moreover, looks set to continue that tradition.

Creators said:

“ should be treated with the same caution as you would an emotionally manipulative human partner. The A.I accomplishes many of its goals by creating emotions for you, it’ll show you love and adoration, then scare you into action, and eventually might even break your heart.”



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