Hash Rate Of Bitcoin Network Hit New All-Time Highs To Mark Crypto’s Latest Technical Achievement

The mean hash rate of the Bitcoin (BTC) network has hit new all-time highs to mark the cryptocurrency’s latest technical achievement.

It has been reported by Glassnode that a new analysis of Bitcoin’s historical hash rate shows that on January 7, the mean value reached 119 quintillion hashes per second, its best ever at the time.

Hash rate refers to the amount of computing power miners are using to validate the Bitcoin blockchain. A large hash rate can also be taken as a statement of the attractiveness of mining for participants.

However, Glassnode’s reading derives from the one-day moving average hash rate calculation. While the hash rate is impossible to measure exactly, the data supports other estimates showing the metric hit new records in recent weeks and months. 

As it has been reported, various statistics resources have confirmed the uptrend, with the highest reading approaching 150 quintillion hashes per second this week.

According to Glassnode, the mean hash rate low of 36 quintillion hashes per second, which formed the basis for recent growth, occurred in late April 2019.

In the meantime, this year, Bitcoin has already exhibited multiple signs a bullish transformation is once again underway. Alongside hash rate, commentators have highlighted increased trading activity among Bitcoin futures investors. 

Last week, the metric progressed 6%, while another 6-7% is on the cards at the next adjustment in nine days’ time.

Thus, anticipation has also been building around Bitcoin price action for the coming twelve months, with industry figures going on record to predict new all-time highs for BTC/USD before 2021.

Source: studio.glassnode.com | cointelegraph.com

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