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Ubisoft Joins Network In The Capacity Of Channel Node Operator

Ubisoft, the French video game developer, has joined network in the capacity of channel node operator, setting the stage for further collaboration with the distributed cloud platform.

It has been reported that as a core channel node operator, Ubisoft is contributing to through staking, validating, and managing the decentralized network. While all nodes are able to join the network, its status as core channel node activates only after it has staked 500,000 ALEPH tokens.

Jonathan Schemoul, the founder and CEO of, said that the company’s “primary mission is to make decentralized cloud services a reality.”

Didier Genevois, the Blockchain Technology Developer at Ubisoft, said:

“At Ubisoft, we believe that Blockchain holds a key to the future of the videogame industry, bringing new possibilities for players and developers alike.”

He added:

“Beyond NFTs themselves, the decentralized storage of their metadata appears to us as a determining factor in fulfilling the whole promise of true ownership. In this perspective, the exploration of the services offered by the decentralized network is particularly promising.”

However, Ubisoft’s exposure to the network likely grew after the blockchain network participated in its Entrepreneurs Lab alongside 10 other tech startups.

The report said that Ubisoft has made it abundantly clear that it is pursuing broader blockchain initiatives. In June 2020, the company launched blockchain-based collectibles to raise funds for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Thus, in the same year, Ubisoft announced it became a validator node for Tezos.

Source: Cointelegraph


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